`Brighton Festival Fringe`

Petrusco has been actively taking part since 2007 in form of solo photo exhibitions :

petrusco brighton photo fringe

or staging street performances :

fringe festival photo

presenting sculptures and interactive installations :

brighton festival fringe1

fringe 2

or films ( Petrusco was a finalist of Final Cut competition in 2007 ) :

Petrusco produced promotional videos for the festival :

`North Laine Photography gallery`

A very fruitful collaboration between Petrusco and the gallery owner Nigel Swallow started in 2006 when Petrusco ended up being a runner up at the the gallery`s annual competition having his first solo exhibition in May 2007 .

Petrusco became one of the main exhibiting artists ( alongside Roger Bamber ,Nigel Swallow and Dark Daze ) after his show attracted more them 15000 visitors .

 Petrusco has been a regular contributor to the very popular Brighton and Hove calendar :

Another project includes the Brighton Book of photography :

Nigel is the best gallery owner I`ve ever met .He`s driven by passion not a profit .His gallery has been giving space to a lot of emerging artists (including myself) and helping them to launch their careers . A true humane being . Thank you .



`Brighton Naked and Vulnerable`exhibition

May 2012 at Brighton Media Center . A group show of art ,film and information to raise awareness about HIV in Brighton .

brighton naked and vulnarble

My contribution was a sculpture made from `cold` material – scaffold tubes to highlight the mechanical , emotionless approach to sex .