`Stolen gallery` aka Ukradena galerie


A street art project was started by Italian/Czech couple Alessandra Svatek and Artur Magrot in Cesky Krumlov .The idea behind the project is to use abandoned outdoor display cases to show works by both famous and lesser-known artists .These boxes were widely used in communist Czechoslovakia for propagandist purposes .

The idea caught fire and spread to other places .So far over 700 artists presented their artwork at the gallery .

I participated on two occasions .The opening night normally takes place each Thursday evening . It was bit of experience . You`re in the middle of nowhere and then people start emerging from darkness with wine glasses and big smiles .

The other time was at Cesky Krumlov .It was Sunday ,11pm ,rainy but about 30 people turned up . Surprise .



Because of the physical limitation of the notice board  I used my van (which features my photography) as additional display space .After that I presented my films and performances .