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No Budget Productions present die subversive Kunst von Petrusco and Dan da Fisherman


Trailer for 2+2=5 film


Art versus authority .Will art prevail ?




Our country got invaded . By bloody Eastern Europeans ! .

They steal our jobs and rape our women !

And John knows all about it .He reads this terrible news every single day on the way home .John is a very regular guy .He works hard .He`s got a wife and kids .And house .And car .It`s very easy to guess who is in charge .It`s not John . John likes his life to be regular and with no nasty surprises .But these eastern Europeans don`t let him sleep well .It`s so many of them . He can`t evade them .They`re everywhere .Even in his peaceful suburbia .Sometimes he`s got a feeling they keep following him .They penetrate into his dreams .Into his fantasy .




Petrusco`s idea ( now patented ) how to deal with global energy crisis .





Victorian love story taking place in the underbelly of West Pier .


Sueno muerte


` Sueno Muerte ` aka ` Dead Dream ` .
It feels great to have .Good job , respect , position in the society , somebody you love .
But then something happens in your life . Something unexpected .Something bad . You do not have any more .You loose .
It hurts .You are not able to stand on your own .The dreams mix with reality .

The present with past .
You are still alive but there is something dead inside of you .


Baby Love


Two babies got kidnapped . One manages to liberate itself and sets on a rescue journey .


Better pigeon in the net , than ….


Hunted by fear .